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    So for those of you that haven't heard, I gave birth to my little sweet baby girl on January 16, 2015! My husband and I named her Audrina Rose. She was born 7 lb 2 oz and was losing weight to quickly in the hospital. I was trying to breastfeed and it was stressful and not working for us. That is until a nurse handed me a nipple shield. This was a game changer and she starting packing on some weight.
     So the nipple shield is a piece of soft thing silicone with a nipple that goes over yours and makes for an easier grasp for babies like mine who couldn't latch on. It also helps with painful nipples from breastfeeding. Every time I used the shield it would get splashed with milk and obviously have the babies saliva on it so it needed to be washed each time. The problem with this is that the shields are clear and so thin that they are easily lost and I also notice they can collect dust /lint/fur (if you have animals) quickly and become dirty after washing. That's when I had the chance to try the Nipple Nest!
         The Nipple Nest is a simple but much needed product if you use a nipple shield. It's a storage case for it along with a built in drying rack.  The bold colors make it easy to find in a diaper bag too! I have been using it for about a week and I really wish I had this sooner. Before I would just wash it and stick in on the side of the bottle drying rack and then would have to re-rinse it before using it again.
     The Nipple Nest fits all shapes and size nipple shields as well.  Some other great features are that it is dishwasher safe, 100% recyclable, contains no BPA or phthalates and is made right in the USA! They are also lactation consultant approved! I never again will store my shield in a zip lock bag! This has saved me from accidentally throwing them away and gives me peace of mind that the shield my daughter uses daily will be safe and clean each and every time! This product makes and a great baby shower gift too since it's already packaged in an adorable container!

                                                    Check them out of Facebook 
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     Well, the cat is now out of the bag! I am pregnant!! My husband and I are beyond thrilled and couldn't be happier! I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and everything is going great. Except for one thing. "Morning sickness.." or as I call it "all day sickness". I thought I would be in the clear since my mother never got sick with all three of her kids but I was wrong.
     That's when I started to ask older people that already had kids for tips and any kind of tricks for easing or curing the nausea. I can't even begin to tell you how many people suggested Preggie Pops by Three Lollies. I have always heard of these but was skeptical until I was sent some Preggie Pop Drops and Preggie Naturals to try for myself.

Preggie Pop Drops

     These Preggie Pop Drops come in a round container that contains 21 natural candies that were developed by healthcare professionals to provide that relief from morning sickness. They claim to be effective because of their special formulation of essential oils, aromatherapy and a unique delivery method. These were the perfect choice for me because I love the idea of having them being a drop instead of a pop with a stick since it would be less obvious when I was trying to hide my sickness early in the pregnancy.
     The main thing about these that I loved was the fact that they are natural and a drug-free method. I have been trying to avoid taking any type of medication if I could and these yummy drops were my perfect solution. I could carry a handful in my purse, put them in my desk and night stand as well. They are just very portable and convenient. 
     My favorite flavor was the sour raspberry! Mmmm! They were all yummy tasting and I even caught my husband wanting to suck on one. As for curing my sickness, they definitely helped me on those rough days and put me at ease so I could continue my day and not feel queazy! For only $5.50 a container, they are very well worth it! I thank everyone who recommended these!

Preggie Naturals

     Three Lollies also wanted me to try their Preggie Naturals Chews. Just like the Preggie Pop Drops these are doctor recommended, natural and drug-free. The variety pack contains 15 chews in the following flavors: peppermint, raspberry, ginger and green apple. Each chew contains 10 mg of B6 which is what really helps cure some of that awful nausea.
     These just like the Preggie Pop Drops, these are yummy too! They melt slowly in your mouth and then you finish them by chewing them up. I will admit, I like the drops a little better than the chews but they are both effective and wallet friendly. These are only $3.95 a package! At this price I really recommend anyone suffering from morning sickness or any kind of nausea to try these before filling your body with medications. You may find that you feel much better using this natural way!
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     Are you a cherry person? If you love the benefits of eating sweet and tart cherries like me then you must keep reading to find out about how to drink 50 cherries easily in one drink! That's right. 50 cherries inside one bottle! Cheribundi has managed to do so! They also use the absolute ripest cherries to get the best flavor and health benefits! Also, they have a wonderful variety of flavors to choose from, as you can see in my photo above.
     Now why pick cherries over any other fruit? Well, why not? Let me share a few benefits your body gets out of all those cherries! They are a wonderful antioxidant, supports restful sleep, helps promote healthy inflammation response and is packed with nutrients! All that in one drink? Yes, please! Oh and did I mention that Cheribundi only uses TART cherries? See it on the bottle above? The tart cherries have more phytonutrients(all the good stuff that benefits your body) than pomegranates and a few other fruits!
      I have to admit I was nervous I wouldn't like the tart taste as opposed to a sweet cherry.  I was happy to find that I actually really liked the taste! It was a little sour and a wakeup call to my tastebuds.  I haven't gotten to try every single flavor yet but I am really enjoying the Cherry Pomegranate flavor.  There is a delicious aftertaste that lingers for a moment on my tongue after each sip. That's what makes these so wonderful to drink. Plus, I actually really hate those sugary fake cherry flavored drinks. YUCK.. just thinking about those make my teeth hurt! 
     What if you don't like cherries or the tart flavor? That's no excuse not to still at least try Cheribundi! You can make all kinds of concoctions with these drinks. On their website they show a variety of recipes that show you different ways to make drinks, cook and bake using their drinks. Treat your body right and give it a chance to soak up all of the benefits from just drinking a bottle a day! 

    Find out where you can purchase Cheribundi on the "Find Us" tab on their website. You             can get their Refresh line on amazon too! 

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<![CDATA[Pearls "Olives To Go" review & giveaway!]]>Sun, 24 Nov 2013 04:06:07 GMThttp://whatdoesdiannathink.weebly.com/product-reviews/pearls-olives-to-go
     Someone must have known my obsession with black olives in order to create this convenient "To Go" packs. I could eat one whole can of pitted black olives right from a can! But now I don't need to because Pearls introduced their olives in a portable cup that contain no liquid (or some what would say a drop of liquid) in each cup which makes these little guys perfect for on the go. You get all the tasty flavor with none of the mess! 
     The Olives To Go pack contains four 1.2 ounce cups with an easy to peel off lid.  Each cup has only 40 calories and a much healthier alternative to put in you or your kids lunch boxes!  I know I definitely feel a lot better about snacking on these then a bag of Doritos. They are gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, cholesterol-free, GMO-free and vegan! Honestly what more can you ask for? Well, maybe another cup?
     I showed these to my friend who also has the same love for black olives as I do and she was thrilled to see these! Just because of the thought of bringing them to work without having to bring a whole heavy can with her and a can opener.  Unless of course if she took the time to open them at home and transfer them into a plastic container. But then she'd have to worry about it leaking. With these you don't. I suggest try switching this healthy alternative with one of you or your kids unhealthy snack and watch how they don't complain! Try it!

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     I'm constantly on the lookout for new and healthy snacks when I'm at the grocery store. I get bored super easy of the same bland boring granola bars or those rice cakes. I also very rarely buy chips unless it's for a party, so I never really venture out to much but I can tell you that I DO love pretzels to snack on. That's when one day at the store I came across Pretzel Crisps® in an aisle and the vibrant packaging is what caught my attention. I ended up grabbing a bag of the original ones and it was an addiction after that!
     Why you ask? It's just a pretzel? No that's where your wrong! These are lighter, healthier, more flavors to choose from and very satisfying! These are made without any trans fat, saturated fat or cholesterol. If you want, try comparing the nutrition facts for these to a bag of chips! You may think twice about snacking on chips next time, I can promise you that!

     Not only are these a much healthier alternative to chips and candy but they are versatile! You can pair these with different types of cheeses, meats, low-fat dips and hummus! If you prefer you can also just eat them straight from the bag!

This is one serving!
     There are quite a few flavors to choose from! Which I love because sometimes you want more than just a original pretzel taste. I personally love the sesame and buffalo wing ones! The flavoring is PERFECT. It's not  overbearing but not bland either. It really helps me when I want to go out to a restaurant and get boneless buffalo wings.. this curbs my craving! Some of the other flavors they have are: Jalapeño Jack, Garlic Parmesan, Everything, Chipotle Cheddar and the Original!
     My favorite aspect of these healthy treats are how easy they are to fit into a snack bag and bring with me to work. Also how crispy they are. They give that feeling of eating junk food without actually doing so! The crunchy light texture and flavorings had me wanting to open each bag and try every single flavor in one day! I think you and even your kids (if you have them) would love to munch on these at school or during a movie! Try these next time for a work party instead of bringing potato chips! 

Please visit their Website or Facebook to learn more about them!
<![CDATA[Ellie Workout Clothing Review]]>Thu, 14 Nov 2013 16:27:44 GMThttp://whatdoesdiannathink.weebly.com/product-reviews/ellie-workout-clothing-review     Have you ever felt like your workout clothes just don't make you feel as good as exercising does? I feel like I'm not motivated to go out and excise if I'm in baggy ugly clothes for some reason. That's when I came across the brand Ellie and was fortunate enough to be given the chance to review and show you girls their cute and very comfortable workout clothes.
    About Ellie: "We love fashion and we love fitness and we are driven to make sure that the highest quality activewear is no longer an overpriced luxury item. We are the only activewear brand designed for women who care just as much about style as they do their workout, with exclusive monthly changing collections made with the highest-quality materials, at a price that will make you wonder why you ever paid more".
     How does it work? All you have to do is take a quick style quiz on their website to see which would fit you best and then you can browse the different collections! You can also become a member (which is SO worth it!!) for $49.95 a month and get to pick TWO items every month! That's with shipping included! Along with that you get sneak peeks,  free shipping, discounts and member only events!
     What I got to review was their "Forget Me Not" tank and the "Little Black Capri"!  When they first arrived they came in a very cute pink bubble envelope and wrapped super nice inside! When I pulled out the shirt and leggings I could automatically tell these were built to last. The quality of the fabric blew me away and felt very high quality. 
     The Forget Me Not tank has a layered shelf bra which I was SO happy to see because as you can see the awesome design on the back would be ruined if you had to wear a bra to give you support! The material it's made of is high water and wind resistant, which prevents it from easy wear and tear and also manages moisture and the colors don't fade away. I did wash this a few times and it stays true to size when dry.
     The Little Black Capris are super comfortable! When I first saw them they looked SO tiny and thought there was no way I am getting these on. I attempted to put them on and they have so much stretch while not looking stretched out. As you can see they fit great! I love the feeling that they are holding everything in place (same with the tank). It just makes me feel more comfortable while walking etc. It also has moisture wicking fabric to keep you dry throughout your workout. I truly am a big fan of Ellie clothing. Why pay through the nose for those other high end workout clothes when these are just the same, if not better!  
      If you want to sign up as a member (which I highly suggest you try out) and save 20% please click the banner below. I know I am going to have this workout outfit for such a long time just because of the quality alone that I really would recommend this brand to EVERYONE I know.
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Frends Headphones
     Finally!! Headphones designed specifically for women. I have come across a lot of different types of headphones that aren't really fit for the girly girl and most lost geared more towards men and if they aren't either, they are usually plain and boring looking. Well that stops here! I had a chance to be introduced to the Layla and Ella B collection of headphones by Frends
     Frends is a company looking to "revolutionize the relationship between women and electronics." They use jewelry making techniques in the crafting of their headphones and paid close attention to detail which you can see in my photos below! These are more than just headphones but also such a stylish accessory that you won't ever want to switch back to your old headphones.
Check them out in this beautiful gold color!
     My favorite thing about these headphones is the details, functionality and comfort that these hold.  In the photo above, you can see that they can be folded up to take up less space and fit perfectly into a protective bag that comes in the packaging. Next, on the sides of the headphones you can adjust how far up or down you want the ear pieces to be. So they fit beautifully on anybody's head. 
     When you look at the pictures alone you can tell that it's made with a jewelry inspired design and made with genuine leather and hand crafted metal! The ear cushions... wow! They are SO comfortable and soft! They are made from memory foam! It's like a little pillow for you ears when your listening to your music. I'm obsessed with Layla Rose Gold collection.
     Details, details, details! Girls love details in their accessories! Well Frends carried out their design all the way down to the three button mic with volume, music and phone controls. That way it's easy access and plus it adds more glitz to your headphones! They also put a little spike on the part that you plug into the jack. One last detail I'd like for you to notice in the photos is the cord. It's a soft touch fabric cord. It hardly ever gets tangled and if it does, it comes undone super easy as opposed to those headphones that feel like they have a grip on them.
     Each style comes with custom tuned drivers to deliver sound that rival the very best in the market. I must say I never knew what I was missing out on with my old headphones till I tried these. All the voices are crystal clear and the balance was on point! I use these for music and movies mainly and haven't even reached for my older pair since. I highly recommend these to anyone looking to enhance their headphone experience and add a little fashion to your style! 
     Please note that these come with a LIFETIME warranty! Visit their website for more information on it and also to find the owners manual. While your there check out the other designs they have! They have earbuds like these Ella B ones (pictured below) and also another stye that is a bit larger than the Layla collection! 


<![CDATA[Femme De Pivot Cell Phone Cases]]>Wed, 26 Jun 2013 23:51:32 GMThttp://whatdoesdiannathink.weebly.com/product-reviews/femmedepivotcases
     Femme de pivot, is an store, based in Hong Kong, for your gadgets like the iPhone, Galaxy, iPod and a few others! If you have ever felt like your phone case always lacked that fashion feel but the rest of your outfit rocked? That's where I believe this shop could really tie together your outfit and your feminine side! 
     I got the chance to receive two of their cases for my Samsung Galaxy S3. I decided to go with the Little Squirrel from the Little Things Collection and the Love Resonance from the Harmony Garden Collection!  I noticed the adorable packaging that each phone came in when it arrived to my door. It looked like a case for the case! Very femininely decorated and elegant. When I took each one out the packaging I noticed how lightweight they were. Which is great because I don't like cases that weigh down my phone or make it a pain to carry around in my pocket. 
     Not only are they beautifully designed and fit the phone perfectly, but they come with a FREE wallpaper that matches the phones case! You can easily access them using the app store on the iPhone or Android! You can also choose wether you want a still wallpaper or a live moving one. I tend to go towards the still ones just because they don't drain the battery as quick!
     • Hardshell polycarbonate protection
     • Decorative your device with elegant style
     • Exquisite craftsmanship to fit perfectly for your Galaxy SIII
     • Direct access to all controls and ports
     • Value-added features: download “femme de pivot Wallpaper” app from App store
        to get a matching digital wallpaper with this case.
      I get a lot of compliments on how cute the design of my case is every time I have it out. I actually find myself putting my phone screen side down on the table just to have the case showing. Why not? With such a cute cutout on the purple case and a little squirrel on the other, there's no reason not to! The only one thing about the case I found is that it scratches up a little easier than I had hoped it would. But even with the wear and tear it still hold up it's cute designs!

<![CDATA[Bake It Pretty: Best Ever Cupcake Icing Kit Review & Giveaway!]]>Tue, 18 Jun 2013 16:46:29 GMThttp://whatdoesdiannathink.weebly.com/product-reviews/bake-it-pretty-best-ever-cupcake-icing-kit
Bake It Pretty Icing Kit
     Bake It Pretty is a great website for those who love to bake! It's a supply store where you can find tons of fun items to inspire you to bake up a storm and get creative! It's great for beginners like me too! I got a chance to review the "Best Ever Cupcake Icing Kit" from them and I was happy to try it because I usually just slather on icing and it looks like a child did it! So I wanted to put it to the test and see how easy it can be to make pretty frosted cupcakes!
Bake It Pretty Box
Bake It Pretty Cupcake Liner
     First off, before we get started, look at how ADORABLE this packaging is! It showed up wrapped like a little gift! Love when companies put the cute little touches on everything! Inside the box was the five piping tips and the 16" pastry bag you seen pictured above. I also got the colorful cupcake liners as well! All you need to go get is whatever icing you want and cupcake mix of course!
Icing a cupcake
     All I had to do was put one of the FIVE tip designs you want to use into the piping bag and then scoop the frosting into the bag. Then I squeezed it at the top of the bag and the icing starts coming out super easily! (see photo above) I had WAY to much fun with this kit. I was following atutorial video on their website on how to use each tip for different designs, and tried to use each one to see the differences.
     I am showing you some photos of the funky designs I came up with. Now be easy on me, it's my first time ever using a piping bag for icing! Although, if I may say so myself, I think they came out very fun and pretty looking! The only issue I ran into is wanting to change the flavor/color of the icing in between cupcakes and wanting to change the tip design. I wish I had an extra bag so I could use two separate colors/flavors/designs without having to make a mess like I did because I had to stick my fingers in the bag to get out the tip to put a different one in, but it was okay because making a mess is part of the fun!
This is how I got the 'cotton candy' look! I used blue first then added pink!
Cupcake Icing
     As you can see from my beaaautiful cupcakes that I did a pretty good job for my first time! This kit is so much fun and I'm happy I had the chance to try it out. I would definitely recommend this website and kit to anyone looking to get into baking or just have a fun night baking with friends or children. These were gone a lot faster than the time it took me to make them! I posted a picture on my Facebook and everyone wanted me to bring them some! I will definitely be using this kit when I make cupcakes to bring to a party! Everyone will be impressed!  
<![CDATA[Mirenesse Makeup!]]>Tue, 11 Jun 2013 23:46:59 GMThttp://whatdoesdiannathink.weebly.com/product-reviews/mirenesse-makeup
Inspired by entrepreneurial passion for excellence and the lack of
"products that deliver results", the vision to create Mirenesse was
clear: to give women what they want!
     Who loves hearing about new makeup?! I do for sure!! I got a Glossy Kiss from Mirenesse in my Birchbox and absolutely fell in love! I got in touch with Mirenesse and now had the chance to review a bunch of their products and share a look I did with their products only!

Step 1: Flawless Revolution 3-in-1 Skin Corrector

     I first applied Mirenesse Flawless Revolution 3-in-1 Skin Corrector as a primer for the rest of my makeup. Not only is this a fabulous primer, but it also corrects darkness, reduces redness and corrects dullness on your face. It creates a nice base that's infused with botanicals antioxidants and peptides. This to me should be in everyones makeup bag! It's a quick easy step that really will do what it says it does! When I first applied it it washed me out but once I put my foundation over it I could notice a difference. The redness went down a lot in my skin which makes me a happy camper! I do recommend if you have dryer skin to use a moisturizer first! 

Step 2: Velvet Maxi Lift Foundation

     I am in LOVE with this Velvet Maxi Lift Foundation! Mine is in the color Mocha. It is said to give an airbrushed and lifted effect. It has long staying power and anti-aging properties in it! I know I don't have any aging issues yet (thank god) but I feel like it's never to early to start preparing your skin. I absolutely love the texture and coverage of this foundation! It evens everything out and does give that airbrush look without looking caked on. Compare the photo below with the one above. I didn't even have to use concealer with it! It looks very natural and stayed on throughout the day and night. Mayyy be my favorite product from the line! 

Step 3: Marble Mineral Blush (Carrara Coral)

     I am such a sucker for marble mineral blushes and highlighters. This was the perfect blend of colors where it could be used on the upper cheekbones as a highlight and on the apples as a beautiful radiant blush. I loved the silky texture of this one and the fact that it wasn't obnoxiously glittery or shimmery. The compact also comes with a mirror for touch ups. Just take a look below in the photo on the right. My skin has that healthy natural glow that just wakes the skin up a little without looking like a disco ball! 

Step 4: Pearl Crush Creaseless Shadow

     For my eyes I am using their Pearl Crush Creaseless Shadow trio in Nox! These shadows surprised me with the pigmented they packed! One dab on my eyeshadow brush in the pan and a lot of color deposited onto my lid. I really didn't expect so much color payoff, so that was an awesome surprise! You can use these either wet or dry but I used mine dry. 
     I first applied their Inside Out 27HR Eye Kohl liner in Hathor to my lid as a base and then applied the shadow on top of it to make it pop! I also lined my lower lash line with this liner to bring the look together. These liners are waterproof so they have a nice long lasting wear without smudging all under your eyelids. Only issue is it didn't quite fit my sharpener which it should because it's standard size I believe, I think my sharpener is just being a brat! Overall, the shadow and liner lasted me all day and the shadow still looks like I just applied it! It's now 7:25PM and I put it on at 10AM!

Step 5: Instant Lash Transplant Volumising Kit 

     For mascara, I tried their Instant Lash Transplant Volumising Kit. I have tried another brand that has a system similar to this and was a little nervous about using this because of my experience with the other brand. What you do is apply the mascara gel that's in tube number 1 to one eye. Then apply the silky black lash fibers in the second tube to your lashes before the gel sets. Then you reapply the gel to secure them in place and use the comb to run through your lashes to separate.
     First I have to say that this kit is MUCH better than the other brand I used before. The other brand had white fibers and this one has black fibers. It looks so much better with black fibers since most people try to achieve dark full lashes and the white fibers just don't cut it. The gel that is in this kit isn't sticky either which I was happy to learn. With the other brand I tried the gel was really sticky and would irritate my eyes ruining my shadow. You can also do more than one layer of this as well for added volume, just be sure to be careful with the fibers and not get them in your eyes!

Step 6: Lip Bomb!

     Finally, I finished off my look with their Lip Bomb in #20.  These really pack a high pigment and shine! These glide on very nicely with no stickiness. They are infused with vitamin E and botanical oils to help keep those lips hydrated! This is like a cross between a lipstick, lipgloss and lip stain. It has the shine and texture like a gloss, pigmentation of a lipstick and staying power of a stain. What more could you ask for?! Oh I know, an awesome applicator brush that hugs your lips when putting it on. I feel like I could use this without even needing a mirror because the brush forms right around my lips perfectly.


     Below you can see the final look I got using these Mirenesse products. I honestly can say I think I found my new favorite brand. The color payoff of their shadows and lip products blew me away! The texture and coverage of the primer and foundation was beautiful and felt nice on my skin and the mascara made my short invisible lashes a lot more noticable. If you are interested in trying out the Mirenesse line please check out their website and on their homepage you can save 10% if you sign up for their newsletter! I LOVE THIS BRAND!